So you found me, let's have a good scroll.
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Still get all that heart-dropping-to-stomach feel listening to Glee Cast’s tribute songs to Cory Monteith. He was not just a leading actor in one of my favorite TV show. His passing was not just a news flash for me. Despite all the horrible shock, I sort of got my first job ever for writing an article about his passing. That piece of article was the base of my other works afterward, the first step I took entering adulthood. And the thought of getting where I am now makes me feel like I owe him. Call it a coincidence, call me dramatic, but I believe it all happens for a reason. So, thanks again, Mr. Quarterback. I still can’t believe the cold heart of mine could feel this way about someone I barely met. As cheesy as it sounds, I guess I can say that you were, still is, and will always be my inspiration. And by the way, we all miss you down here.

Well, ta, for turning up. You’re very special to me…in that I hate you all equally. Apart from you, Mum, obviously. Thanks for all this. Well, big clap, folks, you know, for Julia.
And my band. What can I say? You really are there for me. Never
on time, usually looking like shite, but, nevertheless,
you’re there or thereabouts. By John Lennon (Nowhere Boy)